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Angiolina Re-Sea Dance - Marija Debelic & Turkthedj - 06.07. Ispis E-mail

Autor: Press centar   Objavljeno: Petak, 06. srpnja 2018. god. u 23:00



MARIJA DEBELIC - As an MC she has been performing all over Asias biggest clubs and one of the biggest clubs in the world itself including MOOK Shanghai, Valkyrie The Palace Manila, The EveningShow Shenzhen and many more. She performed as the same stage where MARSHMELLO, Ja Rule, Major Lazer and many other international celebrities performed.

Gallery Club Zagreb - SunRise By OutQast - 30.06. Ispis E-mail

Autor: Press centar   Objavljeno: Subota, 30. lipnja 2018. god. u 22:00



OutQast is bringing you yet another event, this time with Gallery club for an official summer kick-off. SunRise by OutQast will be your way of escaping the city night life. And for one night have the Tropical Beach experience right here in Zagreb.

Angiolina Re-Sea Dance - R’n’B Exclusive - 29.06. Ispis E-mail

Autor: Press centar   Objavljeno: Petak, 29. lipnja 2018. god. u 23:00



Pozivamo Vas ovoga petka 29.06. da u Angiolini probudite ljeto u sebi uz jedinstveni R’n’B Exclusive “Oldies But Goldies” party. Večer će ovoga puta biti posvećena RnB i Hip Hop klasicima u sklopu partya “Oldies But Godlies” kojeg R’n’B Exclusive organizira jednom godišnje. Kako bi se ugodno smjestili te upustili u vruću ljetnu atmosferu pobrinuti će se blistave R’n’B Honeys zajedno uz plesni show Exclusive R’n’B Performance.

Phanas Beach Bar Kostrena - Big Opening Party - 29.06. Ispis E-mail

Autor: Press centar   Objavljeno: Petak, 29. lipnja 2018. god. u 22:00



Ljeto je stiglo pa smo se tako i mi prebacili u ljetno raspoloženje, te vas ovim putem pozivamo da nam se pridružite na otvorenju sezone Phanas beach bara Kostrena u petak 29.6.2018.! Vrućinu gradskog asfalta odlučili smo zamijeniti osvježenjem pod vedrim nebom na plaži i opuštanjem uz more!

Gallery Club Zagreb - Esquire - 29.06. Ispis E-mail

Autor: Press centar   Objavljeno: Petak, 29. lipnja 2018. god. u 22:00



Dear guests and those who will become ones, Gallery Club proudly presents you - ESQUIRE! The pressure is on when you come from Liverpool. If ever a city punched above its weight Liverpool is that city. You better be a world class footballer, have Hollywood looks or the voice of angel if you want to rise about the crowd on Merseyside. So its hats off to Lee Squires AKA eSQUIRE for building his brand into a globally recognised House player loved and followed well outside the city walls of Liverpool. Born 29 years ago eSQUIRE grew up in and alongside one sister and one brother. School was painless if forgettable, studies focused on computers which lead this self confessed nerd to university where he thankfully studied Audio Engineering.


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